To be or not to be Swede

I’m awake. Good morning. Been thinking about this blog and how long it’s been since i’ve stepped foot into the world of reflection. Like real reflection. Yes, perhaps it has everything to do with the fact that I’m turning 35. Numbers can be so silly. Like when you think about it, it’s just the years of experience that matter, nothing else. So, we look a little different, perhaps and hopefully we act a little different. Think a little different, talk a little different, dress a little different, love a little different. Hate a little different. But we are the same people as we were when we were six years old (Modest Mouse)… “and omg I feel so damn old, don’t really feel anything.” But I don’t. And I do. I feel old and I feel young. As I sit here typing, I bask in the beauty of my surroundings. My gorgeous dining table, round, wooden with a gray finish, my charcoal leather cushioned chairs. The gorgeous white and red long-stemmed roses nestled between baby’s breath, a gift from my best friend. This incredible view of an ever so lovely city, one which I have learned to appreciate more each day. This lovely spring day! The air is happy and the colors so bright, dancing in the hues of sunlight. A candle, vintage orange (possibly the greatest color), named Wander Lust – rightfully so – which burns a scent that takes me into a dream world of the woods, romance, a sweet fire of vanilla and earth. Next to my cup of coffee is a bag of chocolate covered gummy bears. This, from the Swedish candy store we stumbled upon last night on Third. “Did you know that Scandinavians are the number one consumer of candy in the world?” reads the inquiry on the candy bag – solid white with a conformity of brief characters HA EN SOT DAG! or Have a nice day! Everything looks perfect in Sweden. The whole candy store looked like a pharmacy. White from top to bottom, with half a wall of candy, perfectly stacked and symmetrical and the rest of the store completely bare. This takes minimalism to a whole new level and there’s something shocking about its unfamiliarity and yet something quite fascinating because it did the job. It was a candy shop. With undoubtedly, the best chocolate gummy bears I’ve ever had. It was perfect. It was exactly the thing a former student of mine from Sweden complained about. It was perfect. And it made her sick to her stomach.


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